Best Fitness Equipment of the Year

So you want to start working out, but hate the gym? This is a common problem many people face. The only real solution is to get your own home gym. Home gym equipment may be expensive, but its much cleaner, and can last years and years if properly maintained. So its decided that your going to buy some gym equipment, but now you need to determine which pieces of equipment to buy. Below is our top 3 picks, of the best gym equipment of 2014:

Coming in at number one is the inversion table. This piece of equipment is cheap and is used daily by many. It helps stretch out your back and tighten up that core. They are easy to use and can be stored when your done with them. A gym just wouldn’t be complete without an inversion therapy table. These table can be purchased just about anywhere and some reviews can be found here. fitness

At number two is my personal favorite, the exercise bike. These are so simple to use yet very effective. These bikes have different settings, making the tension fully adjustable so your can have the perfect workout every time. Bikes are relatively cheap and come in a variety of models such as: recumbent, spinning, upright, and stationary. Recumbent bikes are the most comfortable and offer the most support for your back. Click here for information on recumbent bikes.

Now for number three, the adjustable dumbbell. These are great and take up very little space. Most range from 5 lbs all the way up to 90 lbs or more. They are suitable for anyone at any fitness level. What gym isn’t complete without a set of dumbbells? Adjustable dumbbells are relatively cheap as well. They aren’t as well built as iron weights so be more careful when placing these down.

5 Must Have Kitchen Appliances To Make Life Easy

food processorEverybody loves home cooked meals, but no one loves spending hours slaving over a hot stove in the kitchen. A wise man once said that with the right tools the job is half done. This concept applies to cooking in the kitchen as well. Modern appliances can literally save you hours of prep time, and can get the job done quick and easy. The problem is that there are just so many new kitchen appliances out there, its difficult to decided on which ones are useful and which ones are just a waste of money. Today we will take a quick look at 5 must have appliances, that will make your life a whole lot easier in the kitchen.

The Blender- This one is just obvious. Everyone needs a blender these days. A blender has so many purposes, you really can’t be productive without one. Good blenders range in price but you can typically pick one up anywhere from $60 to $200.

The Food Processor- Relatively new addition to many households, but quickly becoming a household staple these days. Food Processors will slice and dice anything that you can throw at it. It literally save you hours of processing time. I love using my food processor to chop up vegetables to make a delicious stew. Food processors come in an array of sizes and powers. Reading some detailed food processor reviews will make your life a lot easier when trying to buy the best food processor out there. This appliance also has a similar price range to a blender.

A Knife Set- Your not going anywhere in the kitchen without a solid knife set. So many times I see cooks using dull or dated knifes and utensils. A good knife set will do you wonders in the kitchen. Ask any pro chef what their most important kitchen tool is and  nine times out of ten, its a good knife set.

A Hand Held Mixer- These things are small, easy to clean, and will improve processing time. They are less bulky than traditional mixers yet they still pack a lot of power. This relatively cheap appliance is a 2014 must have.

A Stainless Steel Bowl Set- You would be surprised to see how many people cook using the wrong sized bowls. A good bowl set will save you clean up time and will help prevent clutter in the kitchen while cooking.

These 5 kitchen must haves will do wonders for you in the kitchen. All of these appliances are relatively cheap and also make excellent gift ideas. They can be purchased from any major retailer. Be sure to look up reviews and do your research on the more expensive appliances such as: blenders, food processors, mixers and so forth. Good luck and happy cooking.


Tips For Buying A New Pressure Washer

pressure washer hoseSo its just about that time of year. The snow is melting, the sun is shining and the yard is a disaster. But that’s not a problem, with the proper tools spring clean up can be a breeze. A pressure washer will save you hours of time cleaning up. I have devised some simple tips and a quick review guide to help you choose the best pressure washers on the market. Lets start out with a quick list:

  • ensure your power washer has enough power
  • check the warrenty
  • is the pressure washer easy to use and operate?
  • do you have the space to store the pressure washer during the off season?
  • how often will you use the pressure washer?

These are all some quick tips to think about before purchasing a pressure washer. If your a once in a blue moon kind of guy and don’t plan on using the pressure washer often you may be able to get away with a cheap more affordable model. For those of you that plan on using the pressure washer daily or even weekly, choose a more durable make and model. Some in depth articles and reviews can be found over at .

Let’s start out with everyones favorite question, how much power do I really need?

Power is going to be measured in PSI and is not always the easiest to understand. If you just have some minor rinsing to do a machine with less than 2000 psi should suffice. If you need something a little more heavy duty, go with a 3000 + psi unit. Gas units will typically have more pressure than their electric counterparts.

Before finishing off this review were going to talk a little bit about durability.

Some people will prefer the portable pressure washers. These things are great and make moving around the house a breeze. The downfall is that these power washers lack power. They are really only useful for minor tasks such as window washing and driveway cleaning. The larger less maneuverable units really pack some power. These things can tear a coating of wood off of fences and decks and can be used to strip driveways clean. Unfortunately they are expensive and hard to carry. Be sure to look at the material of the pressure washer before buying and make sure that it is of good quality. Cheap plastics and weak hoses won’t make it past a single season for the average handyman.

Lastly, Be sure to buy from a reputable dealer or manufacturer. Here are a few listed below:

  • generac
  • Briggs & Stratton
  • AR Blue
  • Simpson